In the world of information technology everything changes, everything evolves, today we are on the verge of a revolution in terms of the way of trading and selling.

The Blockchain came to revolutionize and give security to digital transactions, and today it has given security (in terms of operations) to the digital economy, Cryptocurrencies .

Although I do not share the concept regarding the value that these BITS are given today, since they are virtual goods but not tangible, I do appreciate and share the security they give against fraud (modify of operations accounting books), amen that is where the real economy is moving little by little.

On that basis, the next step was without hesitation the sale of certified virtual “items”, the NFT (Non Fungible Token), This concept brings the artists and their “clients” closer together, guaranteeing that what they receive is an original, certified “article” and that their sales and / or transactions are documented, which prevents their fraudulent operations.

What advantage does owning an NFT have in the virtual world? It is easier to explain it with 2 analogies

  • The Monna Lisa is unique, it has a single owner and a single place to admire it. However, we can all admire it in photos, images, lithographs, etc, but there is only one Monna Lisa and its value is incalculable, but for giving it a price of € 50,000,000,000.00 (Fifty billion Euros), and a quality copy of € 250,000.00. Conclusion: Although we can all see it, only one person benefits from copyright (authorized photos, lithographs, etc.) and by (if that happens) selling it.


  • A current artist can benefit from his work, whether it be a literary, graphic, or sound work, since he can directly sell his work and be benefited in the same way (less costs of using the platform, promotion, etc.) , your work can be valued in a fair way, since its originality and the assurance that whoever acquires it has an original work of legal and certified origin is guaranteed. In the case of the work that has copies, we will know that they are identical copies, and serials, which guarantees the new owner that he has a certified work, which is number x of a limited edition of y copies. Something very similar to books with the author’s signature and dedication, limited lithographic prints, special edition prints, vinyl records or limited production CDs.


If you are interested in digging deeper and learning more about NFTs, we invite you to read Tom Read‘s article “NFTs for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Crypto Craze -guide/

Thank you Aaliyah


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