Sometimes there are developments that cannot be published for security reasons, policies or because these developments are not made for Internet / Cloud.

Here I share some of them


 (ON_LINE) https://www.gilbertogutierrezrojas…crm

CRM comes from the acronym Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is a business strategy aimed at understanding, anticipating and responding to the needs of current and potential customers of a company in order to grow the value of the relationship.

We share the version of SUGAR CRM CE 6.5, which is customized to be used with ASPEL SAE data such as Invoice, Invoice Date, Products, Line.

If you want to know a little more about CRM I share 2 presentations:

Both give an introduction to the CRM philosophy, both systems are presented, being Microsoft‘s under license and SUGAR‘s open source (Free Software).


The system is functional (in spanish)with example data, if you want to enter, fill out the following form to assign yourself a username and password

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